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Dr. Adrienne Gorny

Dr. Gorny’s North Carolina State University (NCSU) faculty page and Dr. Gorny’s laboratory website.

Dr. Gorny’s publication list.

Dr. Adrienne Gorny is an Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist at North Carolina State University.  She began at NC State in August 2019, and her integrated research and extension programs focus on plant-parasitic nematodes in North Carolina agriculture, with a particular emphasis on root-knot nematodes in sweetpotato, soybean, cotton, corn, and other crops.  Her research seeks to answer key questions about the biology and epidemiology of plant-parasitic nematodes, so that this knowledge can be applied towards improved management of plant-parasitic nematodes across the farm.  Dr. Gorny is proud that the work of her team supports the sweetpotato industry through evaluation of chemical and cultural control methods, increasing our understanding of the process of infection of sweetpotato by nematodes, collaborating in development of root-knot nematode resistant crops, and training the next generation of nematology specialists. 

Dr. Gorny earned her Ph.D. from Cornell University in 2019, working at Cornell AgriTech in Geneva, NY.  Prior to that, she earned a Bachelor’s of Science in botany from Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN.  

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